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We have been in the web based amber business since 1993. At that time Jake Brodzinsky and Doug Lundberg developed Amberica West. Doug Lundberg is a retired teacher from Academy District 20, located just north of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He taught Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering for many years at the USAF Academy. Since then we have expanded to include a variety of resins and other ambers from throughout the world.

We absolutely guarantee 100% authenticity of the ambers that we sell. Almost every piece will have a picture of the specimen next to a ruler so you will know (and see) the actual size. While pictures of the insects in amber are important, we feel that you need to know the size of everything discussed since a picture without a size reference can be misleading. Most of the amber pieces are collected by Doug personally at the mines in the Dominican Republic, Poland, Mexico  or Russia. We have expanded our line of offerings to black lights (www.blacklightsusa.com) and DNA products, www.TheDNAStore.com.  Our main sister company is Amberica West - specializing is Dominican ambers.

This is done for a passion of love more than a passion of money. Our ambers are offered at good prices and will allow individuals and institutions, specimens that are not available anywhere else in the world. We have some of the rarest amber specimens offered anywhere. We give you a memorable experience as you 'surf' through pages of unique and beautiful Mexican ambers. Feel free to call us at 719-258-9319. You can email Doug at lundberg@amberisland.com

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About Us

We have been in the amber business since 1991.  While we do have other amber from different localities, AmberIsland is specialized to carry just Mexican amber.  99% of this amber is from the state of Chiapas.


Amber Island

15270 Pleasant View Drive,

Colorado Springs,

Colorado 80921

Phone: 1-719-258-9602

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Sometimes when one is searching for amber inclusions, you want the special, the unique or the large and easy to see pieces.  This is what we have to offer.  Probably the finest conglomeration of amber specimens in the world, from the Chiapas area, in particular Simojovel.

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