Cricket in Chiapas Amber


Cricket:  Order Orthoptera

Orthopterans have strong back legs and muscles, features that allow them to jump high and far.  Their thorax looks like a saddle. The organs on both sides of a grasshopper's first abdominal segment are for hearing, while crickets have the hearing organs on their front legs.   Crickets and some grasshoppers rub one front wing against the other to make their well-known rasping sound.

Crickets can be seen is amber since their jumping around makes it easy for them to become victims of resin.  Larger cricket specimens in amber attract many collectors.

I do believe that this is a nymph of long-horned orthopterans (Ensifera).  The actual cricket, from antennae to end of leg is rather large, almost .5 inches.  That (size description) is misleading since the cricket's leg and antennae are thin.

This specimen is about 1.25 x 1 x .6 inches.  The amber is clear and the cricket is large.  This cricket is in 12.1 grams of beautifully clear Mexican amber.  This is a particularly fine specimen.

Here is a scanned image of the cricket.   This is a nice piece.

Cricket in Chiapas Amber




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Cricket in Chiapas Amber