Leaves and Flowers in Amber


Mosquitos - Both Male & Female

Mosquitoes are exceedingly rare in amber.  I find mosquitoes maybe 2 times a year.  They are just so rare that I never expect to find any in the many thousands of pieces that I run across.

If you have ever cut down a pine tree and noticed the beautiful smell that emanates from cut surface, you will understand why so many insects are attracted by the odor.  Mosquitoes are not attracted to the smell, the go for carbon dioxide and heat.  Because of that you will not find mosquitoes in amber.  When you do run across the exceptional piece that has a mosquito, it has been caught in the resin  by happen chance, not by design.

In this piece there is a perfect female mosquito (family Culicidae) and a male (possible genus of Culex).  Both sexes have a proboscis, which the males (and sometimes females) use for obtaining plant juices, but the females are blood suckers.  You can ID the mosquito as a male because the antennae are plumose (hairy).  Please note that once seldom sees one mosquito, much less two, much less a male AND a female.  This is just unheard of.  By the way there is another female mosquito in this piece, but it is hard to see and hard to identify.

There is also a lot of other stuff inside this piece.  A couple female worker ants, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, a large wasp, Hymenoptera and a small wasp, 2 fungus gnats, Diptera, Mycetophilidae and a tropical stingless bee.  There are is more inside this amber also.  You are going to have great fun looking at it.

The piece is uniform flat, about .25 inches thick by 2.25  x 1.4 inches.  So this is a nice sized piece.

Here is a scanned image of the snail next to a ruler so you can see the actual size.

Flowers and Leaves in amber

Male & Female Mosquitoes


Flowers and Leaves in amber
Flowers and Leaves in amber