Silverfish Pseudoscorpion Huntsman spider



Silverfish, Pseudoscorpion & Huntsman

I am not sure what to highlight on this.  All three are rare.  the silverfish (order Thysanura) and pseudoscorpion (order Chelonethida) as very rare animals to find in amber.  With the silverfish, you can see the entire body and the very long, two cerci and central longer,  terminal filament at the tips of its abdomen.  You just do not see them like this very often.  The order Thysanura, in particular, may be the direct ancestor of winged insects.

The pseduoscorpion is particularly large.  Both claws are easy to see and the body is good sized.  Pseudoscorpions will command a large price by themselves, much less with silverfish and huntsman.

I love the huntsman (daddy-long-legs).  All the legs are easy to see and then animal is just plain beautiful.

There are beetles, a few ants and wasps also in this attractive piece. There is a fly with what looks like a mosquito larvae (it is not though).

This is a large chunk of amber, almost 3 x 1.5 x .5 inches in size (scanned image shows it well.)

The piece is about 1.5 x 1 x .25 inches.

Scanned Image

Huntsman in Amber

Silverfish & Pseudoscorpion


Silverfish in amber
Leaf in Amber