Spider in Amber




I often tell folks that if the piece looks to good to be true, then it is probably a fake.  Well, this piece is 'like' that statement............it looks too good to be true.  But it is not a fake, 100% guaranteed.  This is magnificent.  The spider is obvious and the spider is large.  In fact, it is the largest spider that I have ever seen in amber.  I know there are larger spiders, it is just that I have not seen them.  One area on the top side is occluded due to impurities and a roughness in the amber.  There rest is very good.

In particular the ventral side of the spider is the best to see.  The body from front to back is about 1 inch and the legs from the sides measure about 1.5 inches.  While it is often that one needs a microscope to easily see the spiders in amber, this is the exception.  No microscope is necessary for this beauty.   In fact, I found it very difficult to take images of it since the act of using a microscope eliminated about 65%  of the animal.  You just cannot see it all.  The images taken from afar are much better, since you can actually see the entire piece of amber.

Great for the finest piece in your collection or great to be made into a large pendant.............this will blow the socks off anyone who sees it.  The weight is 34 grams and the size is about 2 x 1.5 x .75 inches.

There is what may be an ant and also a very small leaf off to the side.

Finally and I feel I must relay this information:  On 'special' pieces that one finds in the common markets of Mexico or the Dominican Republic (this is Chiapas amber), the store keeper will usually give you a great deal at $50 or $75 dollars since he/she needs the money for his family.  That is the come-on (like buying a fake Rolex for $15), but that is not the case here.  Since this is real, the price is commensurate with the unbelievable nature of the piece.  It is expensive, but you will never see one like this again.  That is not a casual statement.  This is a very special piece.


Spider in amber


Web in Amber
Spider in  amber