Stilt-Legged Fly

The Micropezidae are a moderate-sized family of acalyptrate muscoid flies in the insect order Diptera.  Insects in this family are commonly called stilt-legged flies, after their characteristically long legs.

Stilt-legged flies are found in Baltic amber and rarely in Dominican.  As far as I know, there have been no reported occurrences of stilt-legged flies in Mexican (Chiapas) amber.  This is a first.  I also think that this specimen is worthy of a paper due to no reported specimens  in Chiapas amber.

The Stilt-legged fly in this piece is rather large, almost an inch long.

Scanned Image

Stilt legged lfy

Stilt-Legged Fly


Stilot legged fly micropezidae
Stilit legged lfy