Leaves and Flowers in Amber



Giant Walking Stick

This is one of the most superior pieces I have ever seen.  There is nothing like this anywhere.  In fact we are willing to state that this will never be found again, that this sets the standard for all  walking sticks found in the future.  This is a very large walking stick in Mexican amber.  The animal is about 2 cm long.  It is something that takes my breath away when I look at it.

This is a very rare walking stick, Phasmatodea located in a very large piece of amber.  This is 139 grams (quarter pound) of pure amber.  This Mexican amber has a good color and a multitude of miscellaneous animals.

Among other things, there are some leaves,  some beetle larvae (one looks like a meal worm larvae (it is not though).   Caddis Fly, Trichoptera, winged termite showing all 4 wings, gnats, lots of spiders and still even more.  This is quite the piece.

The piece is irregular, about 5 inches x 3 x 1 inches.  It weighs 139 grams (about 1/4 pound).  This is a nice sized piece.

Flowers and Leaves in amber

Walking Stick


Flowers and Leaves in amber
Flowers and Leaves in amber